A man from Ghana has revealed how he severed his own genitals while dreaming that he was cutting meat.


According to BBC, the man, who suffers from parasomnia, is identified as Kofi Atta. He has been in critical condition and was admitted to a hospital.

Parasomnia is a disorder that involves unusual and undesirable physical events or experiences that disrupt sleep.

If you have parasomnia, you might have abnormal movements, talk, express emotions or do unusual things.


The 47-year-old farmer said he resides within Assim Akomfode — situated in the central region of Ghana.

“Right now, I’m in a hospital. All they’re giving me are fluids, then some injections. But I need surgery,” he said.

“I have no money to fuel an ambulance that is to convey me to Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital (KATH) for the operation.”


Neighbours who were said to have attested to the state of the victim’s health revealed that he was bleeding.

The victim said reality stung him when he woke up to sharp pains and discovered he had cut himself.

“It was at noon. I was sitting on a chair when I slept off. I started dreaming that I was cutting meat,” he added.

“The dream seemed real. I have no memory of picking up a knife. Even I am confused.”


While falling asleep or waking up, the human brain sends chemical signals that relax muscles in the arms and legs.

This causes muscle atonia where the body is still for safety during a sleep stage called rapid eye movement (REM).

This way, the body doesn’t physically act out vivid dreams with violent arm and leg movements during REM.

In parasomnia, such defences can become faulty, with the victim having no memory of their own actions afterward.


According to research, parasomnia can be genetic, due to brain disorders, or be triggered by REM sleep disorder.

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