Eucharia Anunobi, the Nollywood actress, has described Nigerians who have not gotten their permanent voters cards (PVCs) as “anti-Christs.”


In a controversial social media post, Anunobi, who prides herself as an evangelist, referred to her concept of “anti-Christ” as “persons or movement vehemently against the terms of Jesus Christ and all movements encouraging the people to live a lie and turn against the truth.”

But in the post, the film star also described politicians who make promises and fail to redeem them as “anti-Christ”.

“If you are a Nigerian and you have been complaining that Nigeria is in a mess and you’ve not gotten your PVC to vote in the coming election, you are an anti-Christ,” she said in a video.


“If you are a politician and you have no intention to redeem your promises of alleviating the people’s pain you are an anti-Christ.

“If you are a husband or wife snatcher, sleeping with the same gender or same-sex marriage you are an anti-Christ.

“Of course, you’re familiar with anti-Christ – persons or movements vehemently against a gospel being preached. An action stopping people from following the terms of Jesus Christ and being a Christian – All movements encouraging the people to live a lie and turn against the truth.


“As for me, myself, and I am obedient, I’ve gotten my PVC ready to vote. I am not an anti-Christ.”


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In Christian eschatology, an anti-Christ is a particular personage or power antagonistic to Christ.

According to Britannica, in the Christian tradition, the anti-Christ will reign terribly in the period prior to the “Last Judgment.”

It, however, remains to be seen why Anunobi referred to politicians and non-PVC holders as “anti-Christs”.


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