Fire-eating may be a daring thing to do. But for Timi, a Nigerian fire-eater based in Lagos, therein lies his joy.


The 32-year-old told BBC Pidgin that he started eating fire eight years ago and has carried on with the act since then.

Timi, better known by friends as Azonto, however, added that indulging in fire-eating has been his biggest risk in life.

He noted he does many things with fire including rubbing it around his penis unscathed, adding he could also ignite fire using water.


“I am not usually scared of being hurt by fire whenever I am consuming it. I have been eating fire since eight years ago. I only developed interest in it and decided that is what I want to make a career of,” he told the news outlet.

“I learn the fire-eating from practitioner, my friends that acts film. The biggest risk I have taken so far is my indulgence in fire eating because I usually put it inside ‘John Thomas’ (penis) and then rub it downward.

“I also light fire with water. My favourite move is when I spit the fire because it’s always big, bold and white. Anytime I am cooking in the kitchen cooking and see fire coming out, I’ll feel like blowing it.”


Contrary to opinions that those who engage in fire eating use voodoo, Timi explained he only make use of tricks.

He also pointed out he is not associated with the family of Sango, an ancestral god of thunder and lightning, in Yoruba mythology.

“I am not from a Sango family. I don’t use voodoo and maybe stunts used by others to do mine.  I only use trick,” he said.

His choice of career has, however, made people wary of having him around them.


“Some of my neighbours are usually scared of having me around, especially when I try to touch their wards,” he said.

Timi added that he is not bothered since the practice has continued to fetch him fortune.

“Companies, clubs, bars do invite me for shows and pay me very well,” he said.


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