Almost everyone at some point has had to embark on long-haul road trips and can attest to how debilitating and boring the experience could be.


Long road trips are hard enough; driving, being the motion-sensitive type, or being confined to that cramped up corner could make it a lot harder.

These eight travel tips to help you enjoy long road trips instead of sulking in the back seat all along might just be right for you.

Plan and re-plan


Planning over and over again can be overwhelming but it would sure stave off unpleasant surprises that could end up increasing the duration of your journey or ruining your day.

Ensure you have booked or secured an accommodation and have thought up a plan B just in case things don’t go as planned. You could also make a checklist of travel supplies you might need and ensure that you’re all set.

Pre-determine your stops


It could be helpful to ensure that you have a general estimate of how long the journey would take, predetermine every stop and leverage on this when making other decisions associated with the journey.

Pack smartly

Bringing along comfort supplies like books, a travel pillow for napping and, of course, your gadgets can help keep you too preoccupied to be bored or notice that the journey ensued for any considerable duration of time.

You might not want to stop for a full-blown meal when there are miles to cover. So, consider carrying along some power snacks, fruits and gums to help put off hunger.


Do movies or music

Consider readying your gadgets and having a backup so you could treat yourself to some sounds or watch the movies while the journey lasts.

You should load up your device with good games, eBooks, movies and songs just in case telecommunication signals aren’t good enough so could stream or play online.

Get some sleep


Sleeping is a good way to lose count of time. If you’re not driving, consider waking three hours earlier and busying yourself with your usual routine to tire you out enough for a long nap during the course of the journey.

You could also use eye masks and earplugs to block out light and cancel out the noisy wind respectively, creating an ideal environment for a healthy sleep.

Share the driving task

If travelling with friends or family, it could be extremely boring to have one person drive all through the journey.


Consider engaging others by deciding how long each traveler would drive and who would take over from them. You could also broach interesting topics for a conversation as a way of passing time.

Dress for It

Though dressing comfortably might mean different things to everyone, it is only ideal that you’re dressed in a manner appropriate for the weather. Dressing in layers so you can add or strip them as the temperature adjusts is a good idea.

Consider wearing loose-fitted but comfy pants and a t-shirt that gives enough room for movement. You could also consider slip-on shoes that you can easily take off and put away to air your feet during one of your stops.

Consider staying hydrated

Though this might mean more bathroom stops, staying hydrated would ensure that you remain fueled up and energized. It could also help avert the exhaustion and nausea that could accompany being in motion.

Avoid soda; caffeine; or alcohol as these tend to dehydrate you, making you sweat more and heightening chances of exhaustion.

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