Eclipse Nkasi, the Nigerian music producer, says he created a nine-track album using artificial intelligence (AI) in three days.


In a recent interview with CNN, the producer said the songs and the lyrics of the album titled ‘Infinite Echoes’ were AI-generated using ChatGPT and other programmes.

In the 9-track project which was released in May, Nkasi featured Mya Blue – AI generated singer, and other human artistes.

Nkasi said he was able to put out the album after testing the songwriting and music production capabilities of the AI.


The producer said music talents can make use of AI tools to enhance their work and make it better.

“I wanted to find out what was possible with AI,” he said.

“Which means there were several parameters that I needed to test – songwriting, production, voice creation.


“At the same time, I was trying to test the efficiency of the tools in terms of timeline. And as ridiculous as it was, we made the whole project in three days.

“It did take quite a few proms to get it and the biggest challenge was trying to get the AI to give us a consistent look.

“For people who are music-minded but do not necessarily have the skill sets or the talent, they have a fair chance of actually creating music that matters.

“Embrace it from an ethical standpoint. There is a way to use these tools that enhances the work that you create as opposed to taking away from someone else’s work.”


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