Today, we spend much of the day on our mobile phones and could not imagine our lives without them. From checking our pulse rates during a workout in the morning to ordering dinner, we use our mobiles day-in and day-out. Therefore, we have overexposed personal data like our names, email addresses, phone numbers, details on family members, spending patterns, photographs, credit card details, and banking information.

Leading a healthy digital lifestyle is getting more complex as we tend to be stuck in the digital maze. It’s about time to take control of your digital life and give it a direction to yield desirable results.

Your digital life is closely associated with your mental and physical well-being, and you need to take care of both to enjoy a blissful life. I bring you some very useful tips on how you can ensure your digital wellness by following a healthy digital lifestyle.


1. Follow People Who Inspire

To foster a feeling of positivity, it would be wise to follow people who have made it big despite heavy odds. That way, you feel inspired as the story of their lives gives you the strength and courage to reach for your dreams.
There may be times when social media can be tough on you. In some cases, your posts or opinions might not be that well received. Additionally, social media can be overwhelming and depressing. With so many people sharing joyful moments, it might make one feel inferior. Thus, if social media does this for you, you should no longer use it. At the very least, you should avoid following or visiting profiles of the people who work as triggers.

2. Develop Yourself Through Learning


There’s no better way to feel good about yourself than learning new things. Enrich your personality by doing a language course or by learning to cook your favorite dish. You may also do courses that boost your career prospects.

Learning new skills brings fulfillment and happiness. Thus, acquiring new skills or simply revisiting history can brighten up your day. If you decide to develop skills for your career, your will also open more job opportunities in the future.

3. Declutter Frequently

Nostalgia can often be depressing. Your device may contain snaps of events you were a part of ages back. It is understandable that they bring back a lot of memories. However, living your life clinging on to memories can be gloomy. Thus, take the time to delete old images or videos or transfer them to your computer or storage. Adding new photos will bring in a dab of excitement and zeal into your life. Therefore, decluttering coupled with the addition of new items helps ensure a healthy digital lifestyle.


4. Set Yourself Daily Goals

Set yourself a goal: decide what you want to achieve and how you will do it. Once you achieve what you had set out to, you can reward yourself. For instance, tell yourself that after watching a course for an hour, you will be able to watch your favorite Netflix show. Start small and go from there.
A clever trick is to start a timer every time you perform a task that you are not exactly fond of. As a result, you will see that the task does not take too long. Thus, next time, you won’t need to force yourself as much to perform it.

5. Keep Yourself Protected Online

You are vulnerable to hacking every time you go online. In some cases, the threat lies in the services you use. As we have seen, many companies have suffered data breaches, and the number of victims seems to be regularly increasing.


In other instances, your data is in danger due to unprotected connections or unsafe websites. You can take charge and protect yourself in both of these situations. How? The solution you need might be a VPN. A Virtual Private Network is an app that encrypts your internet traffic and conceals your IP address. Thus, your data won’t be read by anyone attempting to eavesdrop on your exchange. Additionally, your location will no longer be broadcasted for anyone to see.


Excessive exposure to smartphones and other digital tools can cause serious health issues. Social media can work as a massive psychological trigger, preventing you from enjoying your day. Additionally, you might feel the overwhelming fear of missing out. Thus, you might be reluctant to leave your smartphone unattended.

Lastly, as the digital space is full of threats, it is important to protect yourself. Install the necessary tools to ensure that all your data travels safely, and that your device is protected from viruses.


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