“On the first day of Christmas, my true love sent to me, a partridge in a pear tree.” Did that last sentence ring through your head reminding you of Christmas?


Yeah well, December, the month of Christmas is almost here again and who isn’t excited? Despite our excitement, however, knowing what to do during the holidays could get confusing.

This is why we have put together a list of seven activities you can try out this holiday:

Take A Family Portrait


Pictures are a gift to us because they are capable of freezing an exact moment forever.

The holidays present the perfect opportunity to plan a family portrait. With the air of festivities, family members and friends will be excited to be part of a family photoshoot. This is also a great way for family members to bond.

Book a session with a family-friendly photographer for a hoot this season and freeze the memories of this holiday in pictures.


Give To Charity

What better time to give to charity than during the holiday? In fact, certain statistics note that people give more during the Christmas holiday compared to other holidays.

Christmas is one of the best times for giving and this should extend beyond one’s family and friends.

Plan towards sharing with others (even strangers) this Christmas. Food, used clothes (in good condition), are some examples of things which can be given out during the holidays.


Go On A Christmas-Themed Movie Spree On Netflix

If you’re keen on Netflix, you may have noticed the release of some Christmas-themed movies already and it isn’t even December yet.

You can plan towards binge-watching Christmas-themed movies on Netflix. Movies like ‘Switched Again’, the sequel to ‘Princess Switch’ tell good stories and are family-friendly so that the entire family can enjoy watching the movie together.

Don’t forget to call your favourite people to binge-watch the movies with you.


Host A Socially Distant Christmas Party

If you love hosting Christmas parties, even the pandemic may have nothing on you. To start off, you may be unable to invite as many guests as you’re used because of health safety reasons.

While inviting fewer people might dampen your spirit, the cost to cover the socially-distant party would be way cheaper.

Since it’s safety first, hosting the socially-distant Christmas party is a great idea for the holidays.


Try A New Family Tradition

This idea is perfect for young couples or new parents. Family traditions are patterns of behaviour which are inherited from one’s parents and which reinforce a family’s values.

Some examples of family traditions are having dinner together once a month.

Beginning a family tradition during the Christmas season is a great activity for families. Since family traditions are personal to each family practicing them, families have to decide what they’re making their tradition.

Have Some Alone Time

Although some people will disagree, taking some time to be alone during the holidays is a great idea.

Since it’s the end of the year, it’s the perfect time to reflect on the entire year, prepare for the coming year, and weigh in on the lessons learned during the current year.

Take the time off this holiday, and spend some quality time with yourself.

Host A Virtual Party

If you’re skeptical about hosting a physical party but would love to celebrate the holidays with friends and loved ones, you could try hosting a virtual party instead.

Set up a time and date on the video calling app and send a link inviting your friends. Guests can come online dressed up, and with their drinks before joining the call.

Research ideas (like games, conversation topics) to make your virtual party fun.

Would you like to try out any one of these activities this Christmas?

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