The slang ‘yahoo boys’ draws its etymology from the free emailing service ‘Yahoo,’ which at a point was a popular medium for perpetrating internet fraud.


Over time, the tag became synonymous to internet fraudsters who are most likely males. It is therefore not surprising to see Naira Marley, a Nigerian hip hop singer, drop a single titled, ‘Am I a Yahoo Boy’.

Although internet fraud is a crime punishable by stipulated law, there’s a school of thought with the opinion that many young men who resort to online scams have lost hope in the government of the day.

These men see scamming as the only alternative that can guarantee them the comforts of life. While another school argues that nothing should justify crime not even a failed government.


As this conversation intensifies, there’s a question on how women regard internet fraudsters, especially when looking for a romantic partner.

There have been instances where some ladies connive with their partner to dupe an unsuspecting victim online.

Besides, in respect to the rise of ‘Yahoo plus’, another term closely associated with internet frauds mingled with fetish practices; a large number of women are afraid to date ‘Yahoo boys’ for the fear of being ritual victims.


Nonetheless, ladies in a relationship with internet fraudsters are most likely to enjoy a life of luxury which could be quite catching.

Ladies, Would you date a yahoo boy?

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