Dayo ‘D1’ Adeneye, the co-founder of Kennis Music, says the increasing moral decadence in society has made it difficult for artistes to make conscious music.


In a recent chat on the HonestBunch podcast, Adeneye said this generation of music consumers prioritizes content that uplifts their spirits and “is not ready to listen to anything conscious”.

D1, however, advised artistes to be mindful of the influence they have on young minds through their lyrics.

“But they should also remember that young ones aspire and look up to them so let us be careful what we rap and sing about. If you are singing about weed and Yahoo, you are also influencing young minds who will think it is okay,” he said.


“It would be wrong for me to label and say look they are not singing conscious lyrics. Maybe right now the world is not ready to listen to anything conscious.

“Is it this generation that does not know their gender that you want to preach conscious lyrics to? Somebody that has a beard and says ‘my name is Linda’. Shey na that one you wan dey preach conscious lyrics to?”

Adeneye also called out Nigerian women who focus on their “physical attributes over intellect”.


“Our women do not say I have brains, I can do this, I can do accounting, I can help you take your business to the next level. They think this is the table, I have breasts, I have nyansh,” he said.

D1, along with Kenny Ogungbe, his friend and business partner, founded Kennis Music, managing various artistes.

Beyond the music industry, he is also involved in politics.


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