Singer, David ‘Davido’ Adeleke, is at the center of yet another paternity mess.


He is alleged to have had a sexual affair with Ayotomide Labinjo in 2013, which resulted in a child.

Labinjo claims that Davido is the father of her three-year-old daughter, Anuoluwapo, according to PUNCH.

According to the report, Labinjo said she met Davido at a night club in Ibadan in February 2013.


She claims that they had sexual intercourse in his hotel room on the night in question and a repeat ensued a month later, when Davido visited Ibadan for another event.

Labinjo said they had a good rapport until March 2013 when she informed him of her pregnancy.

“When I told him I was pregnant at the end of March 2013, he said I should keep it but the following morning, he blocked me from his Blackberry Messenger list. I could not reach him throughout the period I was pregnant. On each of the days we met in Ibadan, he had a police and three body guards with him,” she said.


“On the day the baby girl was being named, he added me again on his BBM and I sent him her pictures. He asked me what I wanted and I told him that he should take up the responsibility of the child. But he blocked me from his contact list again the next morning.

“My mother was furious about his attitude so she wrote a letter to his father but he did not reply until our lawyer, the late Bamidele Aiku, wrote to him. That was when his father arranged for a DNA test and we went to Lagos for the test.”

The test which was purportedly carried out at Clina-Lancet Laboratories, in Victoria Island, Lagos, showed that Davido was not the biological father of the child, the report says.

But Labinjo maintains that Davido is the father of her child and also claims that he gave an envelope containing money to Alex Sogbola, the technologist who conducted the test.


Labinjo’s mother, Ropo, said she went to Lagos with her daughter to see Davido’s father, Adedeji Adeleke, in respect of the DNA test.

She corroborated her daughter’s claim that the technologist was induced.

Ropo said they were asked to come back for the test result in two weeks but surprisingly, it came out in seven days.

“The result showed that Davido was not the father but my findings after that showed that only blood test was carried out and not DNA test,” she said.


The technologist said the blood samples were tested in South Africa and that there are records to prove that the result was not altered.

He also denied being bribed by Davido.

Sogbola also disclosed that he conducted the DNA test for Imade, Davido’s child with Momodu.

Meanwhile, Davido and his brother, Adewale, have denied Labinjo’s claims.


Adewale said he “personally took the woman that supposedly claimed to have a baby for my brother to Verdic hospital in Lekki to do the paternity test.”

“The test results came back and was opened in front of both of us and the mother of the child and her mother. The results said the baby was not his. This happened about 2 years ago.

“David didn’t even know who the girl was. People are just money hungry or looking for fame. No court order was even issued for him to take the paternity test. He did it out of good faith,” read the comment by Adewale Adeleke.

Like his brother, the singer accused Labinjo of being money hungry.

Davido noted that despite discovering that the child was not his own, the mother was still compensated out of pity.

“2 years ago, person wey u never see for your life, bring pikin say nah your own, u take paternity test, it came out negative.

“Upon finding out the test results were negative, out of pity we still give them money. Years later, dem no gree say na my own. Chai money good.

“This one nah real Yahoo girl no laptop,” he wrote.

Davido already has a child with Sophia Momodu and is also rumoured to have impregnated a 24-year-old Georgia University student.

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