Chidi Mokeme, the actor, has reacted to reviews trailing his role in the series, ‘Shanty Town‘.


‘Shanty Town’ is Mokeme’s comeback movie after a long hiatus due to a battle with Bell’s Palsy.

The six-part series follows the story of a group of prostitutes who want to break free from the control of an infamous kingpin, but soon realize that doing so will be extremely difficult because of political corruption and blood ties.

Through the interpretation of his role as the kingpin Scar, Mokeme has continued to win the heart of many viewers and enjoy a plethora of accolades.


In the latest episode of Rubbin’ Minds, the actor said he has been overwhelmed in a good way by the reception of the movie.

“Honestly, as far as the reception for Shanty Town is concerned, it is overwhelming. You know, in a good kind of way. It has been humbling,” he said.

Mokeme also recounted his prayer to God for a breakthrough after struggling to make ends meet for years.


“I am coming from where I am coming from in the last four, five years. I am still trying to take it in,” he said.

“But remember that in the last four, five years, like I said, there’s been a hunger. I could see things happening, and there was nothing I could do about it.

“So my conversation with God was that, God, if you try me and put me in front of a screen, I will show you that the talent you put inside of me will be used to bless you.

“Just try me now and put me in front of a screen. That was my conversation with God. I could see the inflow, all of the streamers coming in, Netflix was doing well, and I thought to myself, Man, we built this.


“I have done nothing else for 30 plus years, and this is the time you know to get your flowers, and I said, “God willing, try me! Try me and let me give you glory, and this is God’s glory right here.

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