Olawale Ashimi, a talented songwriter and singer better known as Brymo, says the Nigerian society has no use for excellence.


Brymo, a fine singer who’s widely believed to be under-celebrated, says the society appreciates vehemence above excellence.

“Our society is a kakistocracy, here there’s no use for excellence. Only vehemence,” he wrote on Twitter.

A kakistocracy is a government by the least qualified or most unprincipled citizens of a nation.



Over the past few days, Brymo has been tweeting on Nigeria’s reality. He recently shocked the world with a pinned tweet, saying all good people “go straight to hell”.


“Nigeria’s condition is not the fault of the leaders; show me any community of black people working together to solve collective problems,” he wrote.

“And the time is coming, corruption is evolving…don’t be a part of anything you don’t have adequate information on.

“When I die I am going straight to hell, its where all the good people go.”

Brymo is known for highly philosophical lyrical content, which can be taken on the face value and beyond.


The 30-year-old has released five studio albums; Brymstone in 2007, The Son Of a Kapenta (2012), Merchants, Dealers, & Slaves (2013), Tabula Rasa (2014) and Klĭtôrĭs in 2016.

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