Bisi Daniels, the Nigerian author and journalist, has released ten books all at once.


The ten books, a part of the Glory Supplementary Readers Series, were released on Wednesday on Creations Books, an imprint of Busy Creations Limited, which also publishes Quick Read, a fast-growing online paper.

While six of the novels are new, four are reissues revised to meet the demands of parents and children.

The six new books are the Oil Boys Trilogy, comprising ‘Game Changer’, ‘The Fire’ and ‘The Eyewitness,’ and highlighting issues in the oil and gas industry in Nigeria.


They are the first of their kind in the oil industry in Nigeria, where Daniels worked for over ten years.

Among the ten books is another trilogy, ‘Mr. Roadman 1, 2, 3′, teaching about road safety and traffic rules.

The four reissues are ‘The Crusader’, ‘The Price of Greed’, ‘The Unresolved Riddle’, and ‘Working Against Nature’.


‘The Crusader’ dwells on the danger corruption poses to the upbringing of youths, human values, and national development.

Jimoh Hassan, the book’s hero, is presented as an anti-corruption crusader.

He is intelligent, disciplined, faithful, honest, and committed to the discharge of his duties as a class prefect.

But his reputation is threatened when a stolen wristwatch is planted on him.


The reissue, ‘The Price of Greed’, is a didactic story that teaches children the dangers of jealousy, envy, greed, and wickedness.

Bisi Daniels releases 10 children books on corruption, oil industry
Bisi Daniels

It highlights fundamental human values, captures aberrations, and solicits a “live and let live” attitude to life.

‘The Unresolved Riddle’ encourages tolerance, mutual understanding, respect, and peaceful coexistence in all communities.

‘Working Against Nature’ highlights the dangers of over-pampering children, especially by mothers.


It is a story of hard work in school, victory over the poverty of parents, hope, and rejuvenation for prosperity.

In a foreword to the four new books, Duro Ajeyalemi, the late faculty of education dean at the University of Lagos, commended their quality and the author’s effort.

“The storyline speaks to each reader in a way that is entirely personal,” the professor said.

“The various thematic pre-occupation include marriage, greed, pride, reward, religion, etc. The language is lucid, free, precise, and fresh. This gives the real beauty to which every reader could relate without getting bored.


“The author’s easy but firm control of the English Language and the individual quality of the prose reveal themselves vividly in all the chapters.

“Particularly striking are the logical flow of ideas and the skillful ordering of sentences, which result in a convincing description of the activities and sequences of the narrative plot.”

Below are the covers of some of the books.

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