Most senior citizens prefer activities that will not cause physical exhaustion and fishing falls into that category.


Here are five benefits of fishing to the elderly.

Fresh air

The air that surrounds a lake usually contains fewer pollutants than would be in the air that is in a suburban neighborhood.


There would be a lower concentration of the pollutants from vehicle exhaust emissions.

The fresh air can be invigorating for a one who has been breathing the air that is inside a home or an apartment.



A regular exercise program is useful for improving blood circulation and muscle tone. During a fishing trip, an older person will walk from a car to a lake.

The fishing gear, such as the tackle box, must be lifted and carried to the lake while the rod and reel will be held while he or she is waiting for a catfish or a trout to nibble on the bait.

These exercises are easy and will not lead to the kind of physical exhaustion that could be caused by cardio exercises.

Commune with nature


The beauty and grandeur of nature can have a calming/inspiring effect on a person who has had a bland week and wants to relax.

The grass is soft and has a fragrance that can be used to evoke feelings of happiness and joy.

Cognitive/emotional rewards

An outdoor activity can be used to control emotional problems that are caused by being confined inside a home or an apartment.


Fishing, as an activity, can stimulate cognitive processes, which can help an older person become more alert.

The mental processes for thinking require regular practice in order to avoid problems from memory loss.


Fishing relaxes the mind, body and soul.


Being around still water makes one feel at ease and free of the weight of a hectic world, and this feeling is particularly good for older people.

While out fishing, you can relax in a boat or on a pier, and after a peaceful day of fishing, there will be stories to tell from the experience.

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