The BBNaija All-Stars show boasts of a strong line-up of fans’ favourite housemates across seasons. And while this undoubtedly makes for good TV, it also means that the stakes are a lot higher and the fans will need to work twice as hard to get their faves to the finale.


This week, all the housemates with the exception of Kiddwaya, Angel and Soma are up for eviction. If you are a fan wondering how to keep your favourite housemate in the game, we consulted with BBNaija experts and drew up 11 tried and tested tips to keep your favourite housemate in the game.

Check them out below!

Find Your Tribe:


If you ask any fan of a past BBNaija winner, they’d tell you that you can’t possibly do it alone. You need a community of other believers to propel your fave to the finals. A few ways to do this include:

Converting your immediate circle.

Actively tweeting and engaging with tweets about the housemate.


Contributing to the discourse around the show across social media.

Following the housemates’ official social media and fan pages.

Creating or joining a WhatsApp community for fans of the housemate.

Throwing a voting party – because what better way to connect with other fans than over drinks and votes?


Control The Narrative:

As we’ve seen on these BBNaija streets, things get misconstrued quite easily. If you’re not deliberate about being in charge of your fave’s narrative, other fan bases are going to do that for you. So, it’s important that as much as possible you keep your eye on the show – thankfully, you can watch on the go via the DStv App. And even more importantly, document as much of their highlights as you can within the approved sharing guidelines. Your fave shouldn’t leave the game prematurely because the wrong narrative is being pushed about them.

Put Your Money — Or Your Subscription — Where Your Mouth Is:

There is no other way to say this. You have to vote. That’s the only way your fave stands a chance at laying claim to the 120 Million Naira cash prize.


Do Not Ignore Facebook:

We all like to act too bougie for Facebook, but if you ask any true BBNaija fan, they’d tell you that winners are quite literally made there. The Facebook guys do not play about their favourite housemates or vote for them. If you can get them on your side, you’re a step closer to winning the show. So, dust up your Facebook app and go searching for BBNaija Groups – there are tons of them. Join as many as you consider relevant and contribute actively to discussions.

The MyDStv App Is Where It Is At!

You get as much as 10,000 votes weekly if you’re on the Prestige bouquet or 2,500 votes if you’re on the Premium package. You can download the app on the Google Play store if you use an Android phone or from the App Store if you’re part of the iPhone gang. While you’re at it, you should definitely also get your family and friends to get the app because the more the merrier and the higher the chances of helping your fave clinch the grand prize.


Follow The Polls:

It is easy to think that because your fave is being talked about on social media, people are also voting for them. But as we’ve seen over the seasons, that isn’t always true. It’s why Maria who many thought was a top contender in the Shine Ya Eye season was evicted early. The best way to keep track of your favourite housemate’s position in the game is to follow the polls. It helps you know when to double your efforts. This singular action has the power of turning the tides in favour of your fave.

Get Your Friends And Family To Contribute With Their IUCs And Smartcard Numbers: Get people around you – friends, family, and loved ones, who do not fiercely support any other housemate to give up their votes for yours. To get the maximum effect, you’ll need to encourage them to subscribe or upgrade to at least DStv Premium, where they can access up to 2,500 votes. The more IUCs and subscriptions you can gather, the better for your fave.

Use TikTok:

The possibilities here are endless and the algorithm isn’t as stringent as most of these other social media platforms which means that you can more effectively spread the gospel of your fave. Think of all the creative ways you can tell your housemate’s story using videos. Pro Tip: Sob stories have proven effective time and time again, so you might want to lean into that.

Again… VOTE!

We can’t over-emphasize it. A common thread among the winners of the show from Mercy to Laycon, to Whitemoney and Phyna is that their fans ensured that they were consistently on top of the charts each week they were up for eviction. You can do it for your fave too.

Put It On A Billboard:

Not a lot of things scream ‘I love my Fave’ like having them on a billboard. From Team Dorathy to Icons, Mercenaries and Whitemoney Gang, fanbases have used this tool to get more visibility for their faves. This is to say that you can’t leave anything to chance in this game.

Infiltrate The Markets:

The power that these market women wield? You can’t lose when you have them in your corner! Meet with the Iyalojas or their equivalent in your cities and get them on your fave’s side. Pro Tip: Don’t go to the market empty-handed. You must be bearing gifts. As they say, the game is the game!

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