YouTube has introduced a new app for children, which helps parents stay in control of what the young ones are watching.

The new app which is available in Nigeria consists of videos on every topic around the world and it is well protected from adult-type content.

YouTube Kids makes use of an easy-to-use interface such that kiddies can, without any encumbrance, browse through various channels in four categories which are music, learning, show and exposure.

The parental controls helps you control the kid’s experience, without meddling in the fun.

How the app works
From the moment you open YouTube Kids, you learn how the system chooses and recommends content for viewing, how to flag content (that you think might not be right for kids). You know some content would pass the inspection, and if parents find a system you’re concerned about, they can flag it.

Search settings
Parents can determine how much exploring they want their kids to do. You can turn on the search or limit your child’s experience by turning it off. On or off, you’re in charge.

The timer feature on YouTube Kids alerts your kids when time is up, by limiting screen time.

Sound Settings
Allows you to turn off the sounds, so you can catch your breath while your kid watches in peace.

YouTube Kids app is available for download on Google Play and App store for free.

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