Williams Uchemba, the Nigerian actor and comedian, has lamented the proliferation of “false prophets who claim they hear from God”.


In an Instagram post on Saturday, the film star also claimed most of the “false” prophets lack a basic understanding of the scripture.

The entertainer said the “false” prophets often adopt fear and condemnation as tools to control their followers.

The actor also wondered why anyone would feign to be a man of God just to deceive others.


“There is a massive release of false prophets recently claiming they heard from God but can’t back up a single thing they say with the scripture,” he wrote.

“How you know it’s God is that it comes from the place of love. How you know it’s the devil is that it comes from the place of condemnation.

“You think Christianity is a joke? You think hell is funny? You think Jesus’ death for our redemption is a movie?


“You don’t use fear and condemnation to preach Christ. That’s the devil’s tools. Condemnation has never fixed a misbehaving child. Charlatans misleading the sheep for slaughter.”


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Making a reference to the Bible, the entertainer called on people to strive to have the knowledge of the word of God so that they would not become victims of false prophecy.

“Know the word of God for yourselves guys so nobody will deceive you,” he added.


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