Caroline Danjuma and Toyin Lawani are trading words on Twitter over ruined relationships and failed marriages.


Caroline, who is taking part in the RHO Lagos reality show, took to Twitter on Saturday to call out her colleague actress Lawani who she said was accusing her of ruining her relationship with Aremo Segun Oniru, her ex-lover.

Caroline, whose marriage to the billionaire businessman Musa Danjuma ended in 2016 over alleged infidelity, claimed that Lawani was dating a married man in the hopes that he would ditch his wife and engage her.

“Toyin has accused everyone of ruining her relationship with Aremo; every living thing even if you met her in a week. I ruined your relationship so I can marry him as husband number 2 with my ex? Is this woman ok?” she wrote.


“I did not break up your relationship .. rather you did not know your married ex had people giving him info of your movements. I was with you for biz. What the hell is my biz with your affair?

“Lastly, Toyin bring out any evidence on the media I called you out for destroying my home .. 2009 or 2016, any tv or press release granted by me with concrete evidence.

“Toyin you were NOT engaged. You wanted him to kick out his wife for you. You bought an old yellow fake ring to wear. Who does not know your gist? You are insane.


“What on earth did you not do to that woman including any woman you saw with the married man.

“You were left cause he kept seeing you with different artist and men. You wanted me to cover up for you. I only came for biz Wetin concern me with your affair. because I refused to cover up you went on a rampage.

“You showed me your fake ring until I heard the real gist and saw his beautiful wife. You showed that woman hell. Toyin your cross carry it yourself.


“You thought he [email protected] his wife for you? Girl bye. It is the audacity for me to fight over a married man. You ran away from your ex-husband in London, still married to follow another married man to Nigeria.”

Responding to the claims, Lawani alleged that Caroline had an affair with her partner which led to her failed relationship.

“I was engaged & you ruined it. I was chased out with my daughter, my stores were taken from me. I had no clothes on my back cause of u, cause I was covering up for you, I was beaten black and blue, you evil witch,” she wrote.

“Someone I was with for 11years you must be sick. You ruined my life but I’m glad I’m not where I used to be.

“Thanks for all you do cause if you didn’t I won’t be where I am today. Go and do the same for yourself.”

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