Afro-pop singer Yemi Alade has been criticised for a music video in which she endorsed the rule of Togo President Faure Gnassingbe.

In the heat of widespread protests against Gnassingbe’s rule last week, Farida Nabourema, a Togolese activist, had accused Alade of supporting political oppression in the country.

“They are embellishing the image of a brutal dictator just for a couple of thousands of dollars,” Nabourema had said.

Togolese opposition parties, numbering 14, had organised a two-day anti-government protests aimed at getting the president to step down.

To substantiate her criticism of Alade, the Togolese activist on Sunday shared on Twitter a music video promoting Gnassingbe, performed by the Nigerian singer.

“You be number one, You are the best. Igwe, Oga at the top. The children smiling oh. Everybody is happy oh… all because of Faure,” Alade sings on the controversial song.

Nabourema, who found the singer’s song in bad taste, wrote: #Yemilade come collect your friend @FEGnassingbe you so praise. We don’t want this dictator in #Togo. Make him your #1.”

A number of those who commented on the video had harsh words for the singer, with one saying, “The insensitivity of some African musicians is unbelievable, instead of help[ing] the course, they care how to get rich”.

Another person commented, saying: “She is too poor physically and spiritually that[‘s] why she is singing for Faure.”

Gnassingbe, the scion of Africa’s oldest political dynasty, succeeded his father Gnassingbe Eyadema who ruled from 1967 until his death in 2005.

Of late, series of protests against his government have taken place across Togo.

Olusegun Obasanjo, an ex-President of Nigeria, recently advised Gnassingbe to step down, saying he had nothing new to offer.

“I believe whatever he (Faure Gnassingbe) has to do in terms of development, whatever ideas he has, he must have exhausted them by now, unless he has something new that we do not know,” Obasanjo had said.

Opposition leader Jean-Pierre Fabre has said the demonstrations will continue on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

A boy was said to have been killed and several others injured during the protests last week.

TheCable Lifestyle has reached out to Yemi Alade to get her reaction to the growing criticism of her “praise” of the President under pressure to resign.

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