X, the microblogging platform formerly known as Twitter, has launched a new feature that allows users to privately like content.


Elon Musk, the owner of X, revealed in March that the platform might stop showing the number of likes and reposts people get on its timeline because the features make it appear untidy.

On Wednesday, Musk took to his page to announce the private-like feature that hides likes on a post from other users except for the post’s originator.

He also shared data that revealed that likes increased after the announcement.


“Important change: your likes are now private,” he wrote.

“Massive increase in likes after they were made private!”

In another post, X’s engineering team explained that the goal was to “better protect your privacy”.

The development has elicited several comments, with many criticising it for creating more opportunities for bot activity and accusing the tech company of focusing on the wrong things.


“Why is he hiding likes!?! He should be eradicating the p*rn bots and bring back circles!! 😭😭,” a user wrote.

“And yet public likes were what you decided to focus on… priorities a little messed up don’t you think?” Another user wrote.

The like removal feature is not the first time Musk has proposed drastic changes to X since he acquired it in October 2022.

In August 2023, the platform commenced its monthly advert revenue payment scheme for verified content creators.


Musk also announced the removal of the block feature, saying it made “no sense”. However, he added that the feature will remain for direct messages.

In February, X introduced the audio and video call features.

In March, Musk also disclosed that X could soon receive approval for a money transmitter license in New York, putting the platform a step closer to offering payment features.


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