Woli Arole, the Nigerian comedian, has opened up about his prophetic calling.


In a recent interview with TVC, Arole revealed that he has been aware of his prophetic abilities since childhood.

He stated that comedy did not interfere with his prophetic gifts and claimed that his “prophecies come to pass”.

“I had known I was a prophet since my young age but I am just ambidextrous. You know, ability to function in two universes and I will do it accurately,” he said.


“So I can be a comedian professionally, crack jokes, people will laugh. But when I enter into the prophetic, I say stuff that comes to pass.”

He further stated that there has been a noticeable increase in people seeking his prayers.

He added that the awareness of his prophecies has surpassed his expectations.


“In recent times, the level of people’s beliefs has actually increased. I get more people that say pray for me,” he added.

“It is more now and I think one of the things that brought that into form is because people are just beginning to realise that this guy says stuff and it comes to pass, he prays for people and we have seen sporadic changes.

“I have prayed for people that they have gone home, things happened in their family.

“Who did you meet? It is Arole. I think the awareness is even beyond my expectation now.”


Arole is a stand-up comedian who gained recognition for his role as Prophet Woli in the popular series ‘Skinny Girl in Transit’.

In 2018, he ventured into filmmaking and premiered his movie ‘The Call’.

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