Sex is one of the major reasons marriages fall apart. At the point when the wife starts to abstain from the act, the husband naturally takes it as an indication of being unwanted.


Be that as it may, there might be different reasons behind her loss of enthusiasm for sex. In the event that you feel your wife is turning out to be sexually distant, discover why and afterwards attempt to solve the issue.

Here are some basic reasons why wives sometimes seem uninterested in sexual intercourse.

Is she exhausted?


According to a recent research, 33% of those who work for over 48 hours per week, admitted to having poor sexual experiences as a result of lack of time and work related anxiety.

If your wife works in a high-wired environment, and afterwards, needs to manage household errands – it will result in her not getting enough rest to set her up body and psyche for that special moment with you.

Too many obligations at home.


Housewives too have a considerable amount of work to manage as they spend most of the day cooking, tending to the children and caring for the house.

In addition to that, is getting bills paid and purchasing supplies as often as necessary.

With such a mountain of responsibilities, it is unavoidable that before the day is over, your wife may be excessively depleted both physically and inwardly, making it impossible to cuddle up with you.

Perhaps, she is angry with you?


Women deliberately keep a strategic distance from their partners, possibly as a result of being annoyed over something done by the man.

The female gender derives more utility from sexual intercourse, especially when there’s a feeling of mutual trust and regard.

In essence, if you take her for granted and betray her trust, she will most likely deny you of sex.

Something on her mind.


It’s also possible that your wife’s low sex drive might have nothing to do with you and it might simply be that there’s a lot going on in her mind.

It may be work and its pressure or a family mishap that has got her paranoid and mentally disturbed.

When a woman is in this state, the onus is on the man to figure out the problem if he really wants sex.

A wellbeing issue.


A much likelier explanation behind your wife’s lack of sexual engagement might be a wellbeing issue.

She might be experiencing a physical condition which either leaves her excessively drained, making it impossible to engage in sexual relations or makes the experience excessively uncomfortable for her.

Most men overlook the physical explanations behind their spouse’s low sex drive.

Selfish lover?

Sexual intercourse is best enjoyed when the longings of both partners are satisfied.

Maybe she feels that it’s always about you getting your sexual craving satisfied and that you have little interest in how or if she enjoys it.

Is there another person?

Unless there are other reasons, it may be that your wife is keeping away from sex as a way of keeping her distance from you.

This might imply that she has another person in her fantasy with which she maybe having a more sexually satisfying relationship with.



Resolve wellbeing issues

Solve any wellbeing issue that might be keeping your wife from getting a charge out of sex.

Ladies regularly experience different sorts of hormonal sensations, some of which might cause loss of sex drive.

Likewise, vaginal dryness, diseases or certain physician-endorsed medications might be the reason for your wife’s low sex drive.

Speaking to an expert will pinpoint the cause and avail you with measures to enhance your wife’s sexual wellbeing.

Be all the more cherishing

Ladies need to feel happy with their spouses in order to appreciate sex completely. Show your wife that you cherish her at all times and not simply before you need to engage in sex.

Do things to make your wife feel that you don’t see her just as a method for fulfilling your sexual yearnings.

Take her out on a romantic date, shock her with a gifts and do all that will make her experience passionate feelings for you. It is important for a lady to be enamored before she can happily make love to her partner.

Use non-sexual methods for communicating your affection

Compliment your wife on her looks, embrace her regularly and remind her what a great wife she is.

Kiss her before you leave for work and when you return at night. Snuggle up to your wife as you both settle down before the TV.

Communicating your adoration in a physical, non-sexual way will help her to get cozy with you without feeling the weight of engaging in sex.

Try to turn her on

Foreplay is a vital part of getting a lady to crave sex.

Ask your wife what satisfies her and afterward attempt to satisfy her longings.

Your wife might be turned on by an erotic back rub or cozy words from you.

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