Hello Praise,


Thanks for the great job you are doing. I think you need to address women because some of them are just too proud and show no regard for men even when the Bible asks women to submit to men. I have quite a number of female colleagues and they show disregard for men and some of them even want to rule you but my bigger problem is my wife because she exhibits the same trait at home and I can’t stand that. I must confess to you that she got me upset last week that I had no choice than to slap her which I later regretted but I don’t know how I can continue with a woman who argues with you over decisions that a man should take and sometimes fails to clean up the house. I just think she is too dirty and I regret marrying a woman like her.

Please I need you to address our women to know their limit and follow God’s instructions as specified in the Holy book.

Benedict O. (Abuja)


Hi Ben,

Thanks so much for your mail and I must commend you because you seem to have been the first man to have sent me a mail since I started my column on cable. I wish I’d met you because I would have wanted you to show me where it is written in the bible that women must submit to men because I have read the entire Bible and I have not found anything like that. Maybe you meant to quote ‘Wives submit yourself to your own husband’

The tragedy of humanity is assumption on our part about what we have never researched and sought to fact find and our acceptance of error as truth because it masquerades as culture or religion. Every woman can’t submit to you because some women are employers and have no plans to be married. Any man asking an unmarried woman to submit to him is in error because there is no differences between the woman and man when it comes to God’s expectations and even corporate expectations. Manhood and womanhood are identities but wife and husband are optional roles which a single woman can take or decline. Only in marriage is your wife expected to submit to you if you are the husband but that is also based on the premise that you have truly loved her by dying for her because that is what the Bible specifies since you are quoting from the bible.


Now I think your knowledge of who a man is and your role as husband may not be adequate and that is why you could slap her. I am not holding brief for women who drive men crazy but if what is driving you crazy is because she argues with you then something is wrong that you must fix because it means you can’t stand an intelligent female because an intelligent wife would quiz your decisions not because she wants to put you down but because she needs to save you from you. I don’t think slapping your wife was appropriate and I hope you apologize to her. I’d like to recommend that you study the etymology of the following words man, woman, husband, helpmeet, father, mother, marriage. Once you discover the truth you would become free.

I believe we need a world where men are no longer intimidated by a confident woman or a more intelligent woman because the spirit God placed in a woman is not inferior to that of a man. We must learn to respect our women the way we want them to respect us and when she becomes a wife we must be ready to love them as Christ love the church and gave himself for her. I believe when men accept women as colleagues, associates and friends our world would experience peace because we would no longer see gender but solutions.


How do I break free from alcohol?

Dear Praise,


My problem is alcohol addiction and I have not been able to help myself in the last 18 years. I have done everything and that includes deliverance sessions to no avail. This is messing up my family and I feel so ashamed of the things I do whenever I am drunk please can you help?


Hello sir,

I must commend your honesty at opening up and your desire to get help with your addiction. Addictions don’t just happen; it is a function of the pleasure your brain has attached to what you do and as a Neuro  Lingustics Master Practitioner I am trained to help you break every form of addictive behavior. I’d give you a simple strategy that should help but if not you might need to come see me.


The next time you are about to drink pour the drink into a glass and take it to a very quiet place with no form of distraction. It must be a place where you can feel yourself and enjoy the good taste and feeling of the drink. As you hold the drink in your hand ask your body if taking the drink is good for its health and longevity? As your liver the same question and kidney? Make sure you get a response from each of your internal organs and do it slowly. Take the drink based on their response to you and repeat the process consistently and let me have your result.

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