Wendy Williams, US broadcaster, says she once had a one-night stand with Method Man, a rapper who is a member of the Wu-Tang Clan.


In a recent interview with DJ Suss One, the 56-year-old media mogul spoke about smoking a blunt, giving Method Man a bath, and the sexual encounter.

Williams was on the show to promote her upcoming film ‘Wendy Williams: The Movie’ and documentary ‘Wendy Williams: What a Mess’.

“I was locked away in a place that I didn’t belong ’cause I’m not an addict. I was addicted to coke. I quit on my own. It took four days. The only thing I did was I smoked a blunt with Method Man while I gave him a bath,” she said.

Method Man

“And it was a one-night stand. He’ll deny it, maybe not. It wasn’t in the movie because [he] is still very angry at me for being me—for telling the truth. It was one night. We were in the club—a fight broke out and gunshots broke out.

“The fight was ridiculous. The whole Wu-Tang was there but it was only Meth up in the rafters. And, that’s where I go to observe everything because I was by myself. He goes, ‘Yo, Wendy!’ Because he’d been on the show before.

“And he was f*cked up. I smelled the weed and I had weed but he had better … He rolled a blunt, we smoked a blunt, we watched the fight, we heard the gunshots. The cops came in.


“I guess I batted my eyes; rocked my shoulders. I said, ‘You wanna come over?’ And he said, ‘Yeah, I’ll follow you.”

Wendy divorced Kevin Hunter, her husband, in 2019 over reports he fathered a child with another lady.


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