Instablog, an Instagram-based news blogging platform, says it would no longer be part of the culture that elevates internet fraudsters to celebrity level.


The statement comes at about the same time when rumours swirled on social media platforms that Hushpuppi, a Malaysia-based wealthy Nigerian, was arrested for fraud.

On Wednesday, a video had surfaced online showing a fleet of police vehicles cordoning off a building in Dubai, UAE.

The rumours also had it that he was nabbed alongside Mr. Woodbery, one of his colleagues who is also known to openly flaunt his wealth.


While the rumours gained huge traction on social media, Instablog9ja took to its Twitter handle to admit that bloggers have a share of the blame as regards the social media culture that helped promote people with questionable wealth.

“Bloggers played a role in elevating many fraudsters to celebrity level. Here at Instablog9ja, going forward, we’re making a commitment to ensuring we no longer be a part of that culture,” it wrote.

“Yahoo is not a job. You’re a thief and, if you don’t stop, one day, they’d catch you too. Many yahoo boys don’t do it because there are no jobs or they couldn’t find something better to do.


“If you know how much work yahoo boys put into ‘prepping’ just one client and the amount of intelligence and time they invest into it, you’ll realize these guys have the skills to hold down a 9-5.


“But will they do it? Yahoo pays, so they won’t stop. The worst part of this yahoo thing is that our society now celebrates yahoo boys. They’re the ones the girls want to date. How did we get here?”

Instablog also made an analogy of investors retracting deals with brands owned by Nigerians due to distrust and the negative image that has accompanied fraud trends among youths in the country.

According to the platform, uncomfortable conversations on internet fraud (better known as yahoo-yahoo) need to be broached as Nigerians are now celebrating fraudulent individuals.

“You don’t know how much damage this yahoo thing causes until you hear hardworking Nigerians talk about pitching services to foreign clients who are willing to work with them,” it added.


“They mention that they’re Nigerians and boom, clients stop answering emails. Nigeria isn’t anywhere near the top 20 most internet fraud revenue receiving countries.


“But we are seen globally as the face of internet crime. We have a lot of rebranding work to do. You don’t know how much damage these yahoo boys have done till you travel out of this country.

“It’s is doubtful that there’s any international airport where you won’t automatically be mentally profiled as fraudster the moment you flash that green passport. It’s heartbreaking.”

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