A torrential downpour may appear to spell doom for an anticipated date with your significant other. However, rainy days are aptly dubbed ‘weather for two’ because it also serves as a time to create beautifully romantic memories. 

These tips will help you make the best of a rainy day with your partner without the extra-burden of leaving your home.

Cook delicious meal together 

Preparing a meal together with your partner will help ease off stress and encourage more open conversations with your partner. Also, you get to joke about your partner’s culinary skills whether bad or great and spend quality time together.

Cuddle during a movie

A rainy day also gives you an opportunity to binge-watch the latest movie on your choice streaming platform alone with your other half. This allows you to cuddle away from the prying eyes encountered in cinemas.

Have a cosy indoor picnic

To reduce stress, you can order your favourite meals, transform your living room into a romantic picnic spot with lights, picnic blankets and a beautiful music tracklist.

Your indoor picnic could also involve reminiscing on old photo albums, banters and basically anything that interests your partner.

Play games together

You can relive childhood days with your partner by playing games you indulge in when you were much younger. Also, treasure hunts, truth or dare, play station games can translate into romantic entertainment on a rainy day.

Hot baths/massage

Sharing a hot bath together is another way to wade off the cold and enjoy your partner’s warmth. Having a bathtub will come in handy in this case, but even without it, do try to improvise with what you have. What is more important here is to relish in each other’s warmth.

Massaging is another date idea that will help your partner destress and relax. Although you don’t have to be a professional masseur, you can research on how to give a good massage.

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