Opeyemi Falegan, the estranged lover of Nkechi Blessing, has claimed that the actress dated him for sex and financial benefits.


The pair’s relationship woes took centre stage on Thursday, April 7, as both parties rolled up their sleeves to fight in the mud.

The actress had taken to her Instagram page to reveal the split while hurling expletives at Falegan, while the latter also returned the favour.

On Friday, Falegan had initially apologised for his outburst and announced that he would be taking a break from social media.


The politician, however, resumed the attack on Blessing in a subsequent interview he granted.

In the now-viral clip, Falegan said the film star got attracted to him because he is a philanthropist.

He also claimed the actress “nearly drained” him financially to fulfil her “materialistic desires”.


“I want some things to be clarified and it’s high time I get it clarified. She came into my life for two things, money and sex,” he said.

“You know I have a foundation that takes care of widows, less privileged and others. That was part of the reason she came into my life because she knew I was a philanthropist. She knew I helped a lot of people.

“This woman nearly drained me. She will say ‘I want this I want that. You know in our industry you have to be on point. I’m dating an honourable and they have to know, see that in me and I must be different’.

“But I would say ‘listen, remember I’ve got programmes even before I met you. If I keep doing everything for you, how do I maintain my programme?’ Then, she would reply ‘you have to maintain the home before the street’.



Speaking in one of the final videos she posted on Thursday, Blessing revealed that she was never married to Falegan.

The film star had taken to her Instagram page to make the clarification while apologising to fans who thought otherwise.

She added that she had left the relationship long ago after noticing many “red flags”.


Blessing further urged the politician to move on with his life.

“I walked away from this relationship by myself and left you in it since I left London. I saw all the red flags and I cannot be caught up in such. Because a failed relationship is better than a failed marriage,” she said.

“I was never married to you. Apologies to anyone who feels I was married to this man.

“I tried hard to meet you at the level of love you claimed to have for me, but I couldn’t and I wasn’t going to lead you on. I decided to take a walk instead.”


In June 2021, Blessing and Falegan made their relationship public.

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