Bobrisky, the Nigerian crossdresser, has apologised to Mompha, about a week after the socialite threatened to sue him for defamation.


The pair have not been on good terms since their seeming friendship went sour.

Their lingering feud took a dramatic twist after Oye Kyme, the crossdresser’s ex-aide, alleged they once dated each other — a claim Mompha denied.

Mompha had in December accused Bobrisky of publishing “libelous and defamatory materials” against him.


He also tackled Bobriksy for failing to publicly debunk the claim made by his former aide.

In a now-viral video, Bobrisky apologised to the socialite for disrespecting him.

Mompha threatens to sue Bobrisky for 'defamation', demands N1bn

He also dismissed the claim that the pair once dated, adding that Mompha is like “my brother”.


“Mompha is a great guy. He is an awesome guy. He is a perfect gentleman that I really respect so much. I can’t really remember how me and Mompha started but one thing I can remember is he is a great guy,” he said.

“Mompha has never judged me before. He is like a brother to me. He has been there. Even before I became so famous. Mompha has been there.

“It’s so wrong of me. I disrespected him and that is why I am doing this video to tell him I am sorry. A lot of people don’t want to see me happy. Mompha is a great guy. Mompha and I never, ever dated. Mompha is my brother.”

He, however, said the socialite can go ahead with his planned lawsuit against him.


“Like I said, I messed up and that is why I am doing this video, to apologise to him that I am deeply sorry. I want him to forgive me,” he added.

“He can still go ahead with the suing. He can still sue me but I feel like it is 2022, I don’t want to have issues with anybody.”

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