The Satchel’, an animated short film on the Yoruba mythological tale of the earth’s creation, is out.


Creele Animation Studios and Taeps Animations, the creators of the film, released the project via YouTube on Wednesday.

‘The Satchel’ is produced by a team including Adeoyin Okuboyejo, Nissi Ogulu, Ayobami Bello, and Jimi Oremule.

It follows the story of Obatala, a Yoruba deity who embarks on a daunting escapade to retrieve a satchel. After bidding his queen farewell, he meets fierce opposition that would later determine the fate of his kind.


The film is set thousands of years ago and also features Oduduwa, (another son of Olodumare, the supreme being), who battles for the power to create earth as we now know it using the all-powerful satchel.

Speaking after the release of the short film, Ogulu, the movie director, said: “This film is rich with African themes, suitable for all age groups, is relatable, and draws a strong connection to home.

“With The Satchel, we want to start telling authentic African stories to ensure our culture is preserved and that we portray our culture, lifestyle, and music in the concept, characters, scenes, visual screenplay, art, and direction.


“Many of us in my generation grew up consuming a lot of foreign pictures. We weren’t privileged to watch content made up of characters of African descent. This vacuum is what we’re trying to fill starting with our debut project.”

Watch the short film below:


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