Wana Udobang, former Inspiration FM OAP, better known as Miss Wana Wana, has said that a return to radio is a possibility in the future.


“Maybe one day,” she said while speaking with TheCable Lifestyle at the screening of Culture Diaries, an interview series which spotlights artists and culture creators.

Udobong quit Inspiration FM in September 2015 after spending six years with the radio station.

Since then, she has been involved several arts-related projects and has constantly championed women’s rights and social injustice on her platforms.


Sharing the inspiration behind the Culture Diaries project, Udobang said, “I am a huge fan of arts and culture, and a huge fan of artists in general, all kinds of artists.

“And I just saw people doing very amazing and incredible work, I wanted to share that with people, these are the people that I am discovering myself, as a fan of art, and I just felt I really wanted to share that with people, and most importantly, share their process and challenges.”

Asides her work on Culture Diaries, Udobang is set to release a poetry album in August. Titilope Shonuga, a popular poet, will be featured on the album.


She said: “I am hoping it comes out in August, I am in sort of post productions, we have mastered about six tracks, so we have another six tracks to master, fingers crossed, August it should be all done.

“Titilope Shonuga features on one track called Open letter, which is actually online as well. That track features another poet and another track that has music. It features a singer called Katherine.”

She also disclosed that she’s working on an interview series entitled ‘Warriors’.

“At the moment I think that’s it, so Warriors, which is an interview series of people with illness,” she added.


The Culture Diaries series which is now in its second season was created and hosted by Udobang.

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