Waje, Nigerian R&B vocalist, says the ongoing COVID-19 lockdown is preventing her from making new music.


The 39-year-old singer was speaking to TVC about how she’s coping with her craft amid the social distancing measures that have largely impeded movement as well as the convergence of workers.

“Unfortunately for me. I really don’t know my way around the studio, and making new music is one of the things that this lockdown season has stopped me from doing,” she said.

“There are things you think you don’t need to concentrate on because you have certain people who can do it while you play the studio engineer.


“All those times when studio engineers would come to my home, I wish I had been paying attention to what they were doing because, now, I can’t even use the studio without them around.

“Yeah, I’ll hum a few things and put words down. But the anxiety from what’s going on makes it difficult for me to write. So I started two online classes. I never got to do my masters.

“So, I just thought I could as well just enroll and pace myself. I’ve been eating. I’m getting to a point where I need to isolate myself from my kitchen and refrigerator. I really can’t help it.”


On how showbiz has been coming along ever since she threatened to quit music due to its financial burden and uncertainties, Waje said the experience has been a learning curve for her.

“To be honest, It has been better than I expected. Situations like that make you reevaluate your process, the opportunities that come by, and how well you maximize them,” she added.

“Sometimes, you feel like you don’t have people who really want to be part of your success. But the truth is that they’re there. It’s probably you not finding them.”


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