A video of a married woman who got stuck to her lover in a compromising position during sex has surfaced online and gone viral.


The incident was said to have happened in Ogun state.

In the 45-second clip, the woman and her lover can be seen standing in what appears to be the backyard of a building covered with a white towel.

Some bystanders can also be seen filming as the pair appeared to be crying amid plea to regain freedom.


The cameraman, who seems to be watching from a distance, also offers commentary to others in Yoruba dialect as he explains that the man is a “chronic womaniser”.

“What nonsense are you asking me to do? Should you come to a married woman’s house to sleep with her,” one of the tenants asks as the man begs that the incident should not be made public.

The tenant then turns to the lady and scolds her for promiscuity.


“It is like you’re cursed? Should your husband meet you like this? And your unfortunate lover is asking us to keep it a secret. A soldier’s wife! Your life is ruined! It will not be well with you,” he said before hitting the man on the head.

It is believed that there is a charm among Yoruba people called “Magun”, which means “do not climb” and is commonly used to curb promiscuity.

Watch the video below:

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