James Brown, the controversial Nigerian crossdresser, says he has purchased a brand new car.


In a video shared on Instagram on Friday, the 23-year-old entertainer showed off the new Range Rover, while expressing his excitement.

“Hey durlings, I just got myself a new whip. Congratulations to me,” he wrote.


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Brown came into the limelight after a video went viral where he made a grammatical blunder — “they didn’t caught me” — following his arrest a few years ago.

The social media celebrity recently travelled to the varsity in the United Kingdom to get a degree.

“What a beautiful gift I gave myself this year by sponsoring myself to study in a university in UK,” he had said.

“I never stopped dreaming of the impossible because earlier this year I made the decision to support myself through university and I was faced with one of the biggest obstacles in my life.”


In May, James Brown revealed that he never knew his father until he turned 14.

“It’s not like my dad left. He had issues with my mum. It was in-between them. They were engaged but weren’t ready for a child. She gave birth to me and gave me to my grandma who took care of me,” the 23-year-old had said.

“At some point, my dad was trying to reach out but they declined as he didn’t accept me from the beginning. That affected my life. He was not a part of my life up until I was 14. He was passing by and they introduced me to him.

“We talked but we weren’t that close because my grandma didn’t believe in Igbo people. She said they’ll use them to do money rituals. The belief really affected me, hence, I was running away. I was later in a predicament.


“He found out they would throw me out of the house. So he used the opportunity to take me over. I was 16. I had gone out for six months and was suffering before he reached out. That six months destroyed my life.

“There are things I’m not proud of that I’ve done. I don’t blame him. I can’t give them accolades. They did nothing.”

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