Olanrewaju Ogunmefun, Nigerian rapper/songwriter who’s known as Vector, says his new album, Lafiaji, will give fans a good understanding of his personality.


The rapper says Lafiaji is a tribute to his childhood memories and formative phases.

Vector told TheCable Lifestyle in an interview that Lafiaji, an area in Lagos Island, means a lot to him.

“I was born in Lagos Island, I grew up in Lagos Island and majority of whatever I am right now is from the foundation of Lagos Island. The kind of love I show is the one you will find on Lagos Island; we love ourselves, we are cool with ourselves, fight for each other the best way we can,” he said.


“Lafiaji is a place on Lagos Island where I grew up and I felt that people need to know what it means to be a barracks Lagos Island boy.

“Maybe you will understand me better when I am out there and I don’t want to speak to people or when I am not participating in some things.

“It’s not pride, it’s just that where I am from, if it doesn’t make sense or help you become better, there’s no point indulging in it.


Lafiaji, his third studio album, would be released Tuesday, December 20.

On why he specifically chose to name his album after an area in Lagos Island, Vector said: “It had to be Lafiaji because that is where I know the most on Lagos Island. I have seen fights and peace on the turf. The area has meant a lot to me philosophically. I just thought it’s time to give back to them because every experience that shaped me took place in Lafiaji.

“It’s not a cliche Vector album, it’s an appreciation of where I am from that has not denied me.”

Vector says Lafiaji will help fans know him better | TheCable Lifestyle
Vector says Lafiaji will help fans know him better | TheCable Lifestyle

The rapper, who likes to keep his private life from the spotlight, admitted that it is normal to be nervous when releasing an album.


“We always get butterflies when dropping an album whether it is the maddest Hip hop album or it is the most commercial track because you will never know, you just do what you need to do and keep your fingers crossed.

Vector, however, expressed confidence in what he has put together on the record, noting that Lafiaji is much better than his previous album.

“As we speak, I am certain that the music on Lafiaji is great and the lyrics are mature. It is a great compilation of songs that cater to every mood.

“I can only get better meaning that this has to be better than my previous album and we are not children anymore so it only makes sense that you grow with your music.


“It is time for you guys to see the musical growth and Lafiaji is the first step,” the rapper added.

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