Mike Bamiloye, founder of Mount Zion Faith Ministries International, says any sex act today outside marriage is a conscious blood covenant with the devil.


In a Twitter thread titled ‘An Evening of Slaughter’ on Sunday, the clergyman warned people who are not married against sex on the occasion of this year’s Valentine’s Day.

“Any sexual act today outside marriage is a conscious blood covenant with the devil. Any sexual act today outside of a wedlock is a delibrate stubbornness to trade your destinies on the bed of lust and immortality,” he wrote.


“For their devil master and make them weapons of mass destructions of Homes and marriages. Many ladies would arise from the lustful bed of roses, possessed with sstrange hardened heart against God and parents.”

Bamiloye said many young people would have their glorious destinies aborted as a result of sex in the name of celebrating of Valentine’s Day.

“Many young men and boys would arise from the side of a lady, possessed thenceforth with confused minds and shattered visions and battered virtues today is a decision! Tonight is a deadly night! It is the evening of slaughter! It is the evening of the abattoir!” he added.

“This evening, forces of evil are coming down to possess people with the spirit of Rape and drug abuse. Imagine the amount of pregnancy preventive drugs and materials that shall be sold today. Harlots will sell today. There will be christian backsliders today…”


The cleric has made the headlines on numerous occasions over his conservative views on religion.


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