Uti Nwachukwu, former winner of Big Brother Africa, has come under fire for using Clifford Orji, late ritualist, to illustrate his opinion on family loyalty.


The Nigerian Twittersphere has been agog with issues bordering on family loyalty since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s interview with Oprah Winfrey.

Many users had lauded the Duke of Sussex for supporting his wife over his family amid Markle’s initial struggles after their marriage.

TheCable Lifestyle had reported how Peter Okoye, Nigerian singer, also dominated discussions on Monday with some users comparing the circumstances surrounding his marriage to Lola with that of Harry.


Nwachukwu, however, took a contrasting stance, noting that he would never ditch his family for a woman or any other reason.

The media personality added that even if Orji was to be a part of his family, he would never abandon them for a woman.



Orji was a kidnapper and cannibal involved in several serial killings and the sale of human body parts before he was arrested in 1999.

He suffered from full-blown psychosis while at Kirikiri maximum prison and thereafter died on August 12, 2012 after spending 13 years behind bars.

“Family first! Always! You see this love thing, if it makes you turn your back on your family, then…watch out!! Even if Clifford Orji was part of my family, I would never join anyone (especially a romantic partner) to bring down and condemn my family. Never! #LoyaltyIsKey,” he wrote on Twitter.


Nwachukwu’s choice of the late kidnapper to illustrate his point did not go down well with some users who took to the microblogging platform to call him out.

“Uti Nwachukwu should have know better than to spew garbage on Twitter. Clifford Orji? Really? A Serial Killer and Ritualist?” a user queried.

“Essentially you are saying you are gonna stick to your “family of birth” even if it’s a member that breaks all moral standards and takes the lives of other people. That’s a very extreme form of loyalty, we should know where to draw the line, Clifford Orji was a cannibal,” another user wrote.

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