Uche Ogbodo and Anita Joseph have shared different opinions over the case of the lady who falsely accused a man of rape. 


Earlier this week, Richard Osita demanded the arrest of Bella Nwoko, the lady who had threatened to call him out for “rape”.

Osita shared videos of Nwoko apologizing to him but insisted that she must face the wrath of the law.

“This woman accused me of rape because I turned her down. All false rape accusers should serve the same jail term as actual rapists. She tried to ruin my life,” he had said. 


“Many innocent men are in prison because of women like this, I need her in jail because if the tables were turned I’ll be in prison right now.”

Ogbodo, who took to her Instagram page on Thursday, said she doesn’t support rape accusers while asking Osita to forgive Nwoko.

The actress added that Nwoko does not deserve to be jailed because it was a “moment of weakness.”


“Let it be known this day I, Uche Ogbodo do not support rape, rapists and wrongful rape accusers,” she said.

“But in all things let us learn forgiveness as a virtue. Stop supporting meanness and wickedness all in the name of being woke.

“For those saying I’m a feminist and that I’m only saying this because I’m a woman, no. If tables were turned I will say the same thing.”


Anita Joseph, however, disagreed with Ogbodo while insisting Nwoko “messed up” and must be “punished.”

“What she did was very wrong, please. She should be jailed,” she wrote in the comment section.

“She messed up big time what kind of play was that? Accusing someone of rape. She’s lucky the guy is not my brother.”


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