Sandra Iheuwa and Victoria Inyama, Nollywood actress, have engaged in a heated exchange on social media over issues bordering on being a single mother.


The drama started when Iheuwa, who is said to have a child with Ubi Franklin, showbiz mogul, called out the single mothers who are after “slaying but do not want to work”.

Inyama had, however, fired back at Iheuwa, asking her to understand the various categories of single mothers before arriving at such a conclusion.

The movie star explained that single mothers could include those who lost their husbands, those formerly married like herself but had to quit due to domestic violence, and the ones who never married.

Sandra Iheuwa

Inyama thereafter asked Iheuwa to focus on people of her ilk who never got married when giving advice and not those who became single mothers as a result of certain circumstances.

Reacting, however, Iheuwa urged the actress to stop claiming that she left her former husband due to domestic violence.

Inyama had last year bared lurid details of how Godwin Okri, her ex-husband, subjected her to several “inhuman treatments” before they finally settled for a divorce.


But Iheuwa alleged that the actress was not abused by her husband as she claimed, urging her to stop lying to attract sympathy.

“Stop claiming domestic violence advocate…your ex-husband didn’t beat you. Stop lying so people can have pity on you. You are one sick human being…jog on ‘government poverty,” she wrote.

“To the ms I have PhD in Social Psychology….Psycho kill you there….people are using their degree to make serious bucks you are online jumping on post that doesn’t concern you. Domestic violence advocate kill you there.”


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