Eating two large meals a day, including breakfast and lunch, will help people with ‘Type 2 diabetes’ control their weight and blood sugar.


Dr Fola Olatana, a nutritionist and lecturer at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital, Idi-Araba, Lagos, said the common habit of eating “little and often” was not the best way to control weight.

“Mostly, it has been recommended for people with Type 2 diabetes to eat five or six small meals a day.

“But, we now know that frequent eating, including snacking which is not healthy because they contain lots of sugar and fat has not resulted in better control.


“Eating fewer, but larger meals may be more beneficial,” she told NAN.

She urged people with diabetes to eat only healthy foods, including fruits and vegetables, if there was need “to eat little and often”.

They are best eaten for dinner after taking two large meals for breakfast and lunch.


“Fruits and vegetables are lighter and provide the vitamins, minerals and other health benefits the body needs.

“They eliminate body wastes; protect the body from infections and several non-communicable diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, cancer and stroke.

“It also helps to maintain an ideal body weight,” she said.

Olatana said apart from eating healthy to control weight, a diabetic should make it a routine to exercise daily.


Exercise reduces excess fat deposited in parts of the body, including the waist and heart, which could be fatal for diabetics.

“It is important that in maintaining a healthy weight, exercise should be part of a diabetic’s lifestyle,” she said.

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