Since the alarm bells of recession rang in Nigeria, many have been forced to cut spending, make cost-effective decisions and be more spendthrifty.

For the wayfarers, travellers and tourists who intend to embark on trips but find everything much more expensive than before, TheCable Lifestyle is here to help.

Here are some approaches, that if incorporated, will ultimately help you spend less on your total travel package.

Make adequate plans ahead

After deciding on the country of visit, commence every necessary planning. Check if the country is off-season, check for money-friendly hotels, know the foods in season and avoid hotel breakfasts.

Opt for travel guidebooks instead of hiring the service of travel agent offices or our guides.

All these would help cut down cost and ensure you don’t spend more than your budget.

Use cheap airlines

Do you know it is more fun and adventurous when you have stop-overs on a trip?

Some see it as time-wasting and being stressful but since you are going on vacation, there is nothing bad in taking a cheap flight with few stopovers.

By doing such, you are prudent with spending and equally having fun.

If possible, envelop your cash for easy spending

As humans, if we are not economists, sticking to planned budget might be a little bit difficult.

It is advisable to use envelopes containing cash earmarked for each day.

While at it, resist the temptation to use your credit card to splurge.

Don’t go alone

Pick a partner or go with a group of people (family) to share and save.

Single hotel rooms often costs nearly the same as double.

You would also get to save both time and money when taxis, chores, guidebooks are split.

Stay with relatives and friends

Lodging with a relative while on vacation helps to cut down expenses and possibly increase bonding time.

You might not have problems securing a hotel room but staying with a relative of friend would make your budget lean.

Avoid fancy restaurants

You save more when you avoid five-star restaurants or restaurants designated for tourists.

A lot of eateries are out there willing to give discounts to customers and serve better food for less money.

Make friends with citizens

Get with friendly locals who in turn will take you to affordable places, shops and restaurants.

Make use of public transit

The plans you’ve made ahead should reveal cheap transits within the country.

When trains ply the route that buses ply and one seem to be cheaper than the other, go for the cheaper one.

It’s a no-brainer.


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