Toyin Abraham, the Nollywood actress, has talked tough on social media after she was accused of getting a critic and his mother arrested.


The 41-year-old filmmaker was said to have ensured the arrest of an X influencer identified as Big Ayo and his mother over defamatory claims.

Big Ayo was said to have alleged that Abraham received money from President Bola Tinubu to address her husband Kolawole Ajeyemi’s baldness — a claim she vehemently denied.

“Mrs @toyin_abraham1 walai aiye e ti ta! You collect Tinubu money use do hair transplant for your husband. Stoppid fool,” the now-deleted post reads.


The award-winning actress, however, clarified that she did not get Ayo’s mother arrested but merely reported a case to the cybercrime unit, not the police.

She added that she can tolerate name-callings, but will not condone lies and insults targeted at her children.


The movie star also vowed to take action against critics who “bully and defame me”.

“They keep bullying me. I came on social media to beg everybody to leave me alone. You all that are bullying me, I am ready to die now,” she said in a video.

“Yes I am ready but before I die, a lot of us will die together. I have kept quiet, you guys have pushed me to the wall. I have become a mad person. I want to die because you guys have pushed me to the wall. I did not commit any crime, I only exercised my right.

“I came out telling everybody that I did not collect any money from anybody. I voted for Jonathan that time, you guys bullied me. I have had it up to here, I did not do anything.

“You cursed my child, you did everything to my child. I did not arrest anybody’s mother, I wrote a petition and from there they said I should go to the cybercrime. I got there and wrote the petition, I gave them the handle and screenshots.


“The reason why I did not put Anthony is that he did not defame me, he only abused me and I abused him back. Every other thing, you said I collected money and I need them to prove how I collected money.

“You said you would kill my child, guys the truth will come out very soon. These people were paid money to bully me, to ruin my life and career. I have not committed any crime, the only crime I have committed is exercising my right.

“So I am not scared anymore, you guys have pushed me to the wall so I am ready to die. But before I die, I will make sure that everyone that bullied, and defamed me, I would not take it from them”.

Several users have taken to X to call out the actress over her actions while others argued she acted appropriately.


The film star, a keen supporter of Tinubu, has always received intense criticism over the current administration’s policies.

The backlash heightened recently following the ongoing economic hardship in Nigeria, with several Nigerians berating some celebrities — including Abraham — for endorsing Tinubu during the 2023 presidential elections.

The film star, however, threatened legal actions against those trolling her family, including her four-year-old son.

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