Toni Tones, ‘King of Boys’ actress, has criticised Peeshaun, a member of two-man Afropop group Skuki, over his position on women who describe themselves as kings.


The singer had said women should be happy to be called queens and not yearn to share the ‘king’ title with men.

Commenting on his Instagram page, Peeshaun noted that women who refer to themselves as king are weak.

He said: “Some women are not satisfied with such a perfect title as “QUEEN” (a title that depicts Power and Composure). They want to be called KING.


“When a woman starts calling herself KING – it doesn’t prove she’s strong, (it) shows she’s WEAK!”

In response, Tones countered the singer’s position and asked him to allow women choose the titles they prefer to be addressed as.

The actress/singer urged Peeshaun to “stop fueling unnecessary fires”, adding that “all rulers were (once) called king, male or female”.


Tones wrote: “Leave people to call themselves what they want Skuki. Anybody calling themselves king does not make them weak. That is your personal opinion.

“Why are you personally so bothered by what people choose to call themselves? That is the real question.

“And I’ll give you a quick lesson, initially all Rulers were called king, male or female… the wives of kings were called queens and that title filtered through. But initially, anyone who ruled was called ‘King’. Stop fueling unnecessary fires please.

“Allow people to live their lives how they want. Stop policing women. Police your fellow men, they need it more than we do.”


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