Toke Makinwa, Nigerian media personality, says those using social media should learn to ignore unnecessary posts to enable them navigate the platform without bitterness.


The lifestyle entrepreneur stated this in a new episode of ‘Toke Moments’, her Vlog series.

According to her, the new episode of the series, dubbed ‘Social Media for dummies 101’, was aimed at dousing the apprehension of first time users of social media.

“You don’t have to throw stones at every dog that barks. Somethings are just not worth it. You can rise above the urge to comment on every post on social media, rise above the urge to argue on social media, rise above the urge to comment on everything on social media,” she said in the video.


“I did this video because of people who are apprehensive about social media. It’s not that bad honestly. You can just do your bit, do what concerns you.”

The controversial movie star also took a swipe at those fond of condemning the use of social media, noting that the platform could be used meaningfully without abuse.

“This is actually like a soft way to land and actually to make you see that social media can be fun and still be engaging at the same time,” she said.


“Some people are not on social media yet. It’s a good reason but with the way the world is revolving now, your business, parts of what you do is all about social media. It has come to stay regardless of how we see it—whether for it or against it. Some people talk about maturity, when you talked about social media beside them, they make you feel as ‘it’s that thing that people do that is not good.

“It’s good reason because I don’t blame them. Social media is a place that if you are not careful, they can tell you the story of your life–how you were born, where you were born, the time you were born, how you cried, how your legs were spread and so on.

“So, join social media, there more advantages than disadvantages.”

On how people can use social media without been subject of controversies, she said:


“One, you don’t have to jump on every single topic. Also, you have to know a lot of people are angry in real life and want to transfer that aggression to you on social media.

“There are many people on social media because it is free for everyone.  So, basically, you need to learn to accommodate others. Don’t engage people who want to be stupid, don’t jump on every thread. Sometimes, people are bored, so they could decide to come to social media to get  reactions.

“Say no to negativity. Watch the social media accounts that you follow. Follow those that motivate, inspire and make you laugh at times.”


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