Toke Makinwa, media personality, has instigated a heated argument on the Nigerian Twittersphere over her opinion regarding African parents and their “unorthodox” child-raising values.


In a recent episode of her vlog, the 35-year-old OAP referred to African parents as the worst in the world.

She also vented her grievances about the parenting values among many African families which she said are “screwing up” lives.

“Thanks to African parents for ruining our lives. Growing up in an African home, there are certain things we never had the balls to say. Even now, I’m 35. I still can’t stand up to my parents,” she had said.


“African parents are the worst set of parents in the whole wide world. You never have an option on things that are coming in an African home. As a child, you’re told what to read in school.”

Makinwa’s opinion was however met with a mixed bag of commendation and outrage, as some Nigerians took to Twitter to register their diverse views on the matter.

While a segment of users disagreed with the OAP, urging her to speak for herself, others came to her defence, condemning the “hypocrisy” of some of her critics — who they claim once described African parenting as “disguised child abuse”.


“Toke: Your parent ruined and destroyed your life. You can’t put all our parents on this table. Its meant for only your parents,” a Twitter user said.

“Nigerian are hilarious, one minute they are shouting about how our parent brought us up in toxic environments etc, Toke shares opinion, the same parents are now liquid gold,” another user said.

Here is what some Nigerians had to say:



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