Toke Makinwa was made a spectacle of the public when news about her marriage broke over the weekend.


To be perfectly honest, no matter how it happened or who the person is, it is no fun having your private affairs made a laughing stock of neither is it deserving to be in the position of the victim. Regardless of anything anyone might think, Toke is the victim here however it is she chose to play her game to fame.

For those who missed the story (highly doubt anyone did), popular media personality, Toke Makinwa, became the talk of the town when her husband was reported to have been engaging in extramarital affairs. More so, the mistress in question is also pregnant for him and from all indications, she isn’t a new bloom.

What is right and what is wrong? A lot of people are too quick to throw stones at both Toke and Maje from different sides. Those throwing at Toke are saying she didn’t have time for her family, as she was too busy chasing her career and fame and even went ahead to say that she initially lied about the relationship so it is no surprise that this eventuality took place.


Others throwing stones at Maje are saying that he had no right to be engaging in extramarital affairs neither should he have any business knocking another woman up (some went as far as saying that he should have thought of using a condom).

Now both parties haven’t come out to confirm or deny these reports regardless of their reactions via social media (Toke responding to victimisation and even deleting all of Maje’s pictures from her Instagram) and Maje acting like he doesn’t know what is going on but while everyone is too quick to have these two buried in the own right, no one is considering the fact that these two may actually be hurting from all this. Take time to ask yourselves, what is right and what is wrong.

Was it right for Toke to have created a façade high enough that even she can’t take down anymore but have to live with the consequences or was it wrong to have being ambitious enough to do what she did?


Was it right for Maje to have dated both women at the same time and even continued seeing his ex after choosing to get married and take the vow to be married to Toke or was he wrong to have taken advantage of the deceit that is supposedly their relationship or partnership if you want to call it that?

The Nigerian society. As much as we want to readily cast blame on either party, these things happen on a daily basis in the country. What makes theirs special? The fact that they both are in the public eye and cant help the magnitude of fame both have managed to acquire for each other, whether one was solely dependent on the other or not.

Most Nigerians holding onto those stones live a lie in their various homes. Most know quite well that their spouses have kids from their mistresses and would rather kept quiet than have people think they can’t manage their homes. Most do not even know that their spouses have mistresses. Some upon reading about Toke’s dirty laundry cowered their heads at the reminder of their own predicament.

Infidelity has been a presiding issue in the country for a very long time even before our forefathers and somehow we haven’t been able to break that myth. The myth itself isn’t strange to the rest of the world. We read daily reports on husband-cheating-wife-cheating scandals and movies/TV shows we sit and enjoy are even made out of them.


Now, I am not saying this is any form of justification for infidelity or for what Maje allegedly did to Toke or what not, all I’m saying is that as ironic as it sounds, let’s try and respect their privacy on the issue as this will always be a hard pill to swallow for anyone.

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