‘On Becoming’, the tell-all memoir recently released by Toke Makinwa suggests that her ill-fated marriage to Maje Ayida, was more tumultuous than the public ever knew.


The media personality made series of shocking revelations and god-awful disclosures about her estranged fitness expert husband – in the book.

According to Makinwa, her main objective for many years was to please Ayida but through it all – and even at the end – she realised Anita Solomon, his lover, would always be the yardstick for her conduct, carriage and even behaviour.

Here are 17 revelations readers would find shocking.


Maje Ayida had sought to divorce Toke

“Maje had once written an email to me requesting a divorce but had deleted it, without sending, at our pastor’s request.”

Her family members were against their marriage


“Our family was against her yet she stood her ground and decided to marry you.”

Maje called off their wedding thrice

“Maje had disappointed me three times before. We would pick a date to go to the wedding registry and he would call it off.”

She had a private wedding as she feared that Maje wouldn’t show up


“I was too afraid to tell anyone about the wedding in case Maje disappointed me yet again. Our wedding was a very private event.”

Maje wanted to eat his cake and have it

“You are the wife and she (Anita) is the girlfriend”

Toke spent her tuition, savings on his birthday


“His birthday was in a couple of days and I was determined to make it special. I spent my tuition fees on a huge birthday cake and broke my savings to take him to a really expensive restaurant in Victoria Island.”

She was scared to lose him, hence, took everything

“As much as I loved Maje, I had trust issues – and how could I not? I lived in constant fear of losing Maje. I’ll just accept it all.”

She was warned by his sister not to marry him


“Don’t marry my brother until you hear from God directly.”

She saw marriage as the only way to fix their issues

“In spite of all of this, I didn’t leave Maje. But wait, maybe marriage would fix us. Yes, we had to get married; it was the only way we could have peace.”

She made a sex tape to make him happy

“Maje asked if he could tape us having sex. This was a new one for me but I would do anything to keep my man.”

Maje never wanted to have children with her

“I will show you,” he once said to her, adding that: “and you wonder why I don’t want to have a child with you?”

She contracted sexually transmitted infection from him

“He had given me STI in the past.”

Toke was ready to become Anita to keep Maje

“I asked why he wouldn’t let Anita go? What was it about her? With tears in my eyes and desperate to save my home, I was willing to learn, to become like her if that was what he wanted. It was the sex, I asked him to teach me her moves. If it was her character I wanted to know, so I become what he saw in her. I was drained; I had no pride in that moment. I begged him to give us a chance”

She lost an endorsement deal over her marital crisis

“I was informed that they (Telecoms Company) had decided to go in different direction. I could not blame the company.”

Anita edited the press release drafted by Maje, saying he was leaving Toke

“Maje had written a press release, to be sent to Pulse TV, saying he was leaving me. Anita had helped him edit it.”

Maje’s worst mistake was marrying her

“I am going back to her. She is a much better person; my worst mistake was marrying you.”

Maje Ayida has another child with another woman (not Anita)

“As I picked myself off the floor, I opened my laptop and typed Maje’s email address in. Fingers trembling, heart pounding, I realized what I had just done, but I couldn’t stop. I went through email after email until I found pictures of a boy that looked exactly like Maje. The boy must have been about two years old and the email was from someone called Crsytal.

“The caption read, He loves noodles just like you. I peered at the little boy, my nose almost touching the screen of my laptop. The resemblance was uncanny. My laptop fell to the floor. When I asked Maje, he didn’t deny the boy.”

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