Cee-C, one of Big Brother Naija’s most controversial housemates, drew the ire of Tobi when she claimed to be a virgin during a conversation on Saturday night.


The revelation enraged Tobi, her on-and-off love interest, who immediately accused her of being dishonest.

The three-way conversation was between Cee-C, Tobi, and Teddy A played out thus:

“I’ve actually never had sex in my life before. That should tell you the kind of person I am”, Cee-C said.


“You’re a virgin?”, asked Teddy.

“I am,” Cee-C replied. “So you should understand that this girl is coming from…”

“Wait, how old are you?”, Teddy interrupted.


“I’m 25.”

Vehemently, Tobi protested her claim, apparently convinced that she was lying.

“Did you hold my d**k or not?”, he asked.

“Why would I do that? I never did that”, she responded in her defense.


Tobi and Cee-C were the first contestants to become an item in the Big Brother Naija house.

The sour lovers went back and forth with raised voices.

Tobi: “I’m not having this conversation. You held my f***ing d**k!”

Cee-C: “I never did that!”


Tobi: “I’m not having this conversation. She’s so silly and stupid.”

Cee-C: “Why would I do that? For what reason?”

Tobi: “But you did. Cee-C you held my d**k.”

Later that night, after all said and done, Cee-C snuck into Tobi’s bed, snuggled up to him and nestled in his arms.


The drama continues!

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