Parenting can be tough, and everyone secretly fears they will be bad parents.


When raising a child, you can either overly pamper them and raise ill-behaved and spoiled kids or you can be super strict and make them despise you.

The thin line between those two extremes is good parenting.

Here are six tips on how to raise grounded children.


Say ‘no’ regularly

Giving your child whatever they want whenever they want plants in them a feeling of entitlement.

Even if you can immediately afford whatever they want, practice delayed gratification so they can properly appreciate favours and good gestures.

Educate them on family history and culture

Everyone needs a sense of identity.


Teach your children where they come from so they can appreciate their culture.

Tell them of their ancestors that did great things so they can also be proud of their family name.

Teach them gratitude

“Please” and “Thank you” are the basics.

Also teach them eye contact, a proper handshake, and how to show appreciation with a smile for the kind and generous things that are said and given to them.


Teach them to give

As a parent, you must lead by example. Donate clothes and toys to charity.

Do this regularly as a family and sort through, package and deliver the goods together so the kids really see where their things are going.

Don’t always save them

From a young age, children need to learn that actions have consequences.

Allow them to fall and scrape their knee to avoid rough play.


Tell them of your own experiences and don’t over-protect them from disappointments.

Teach them the value of money

Have your children manage their money through saving, teach them how to invest and give to those in need.

Starting this from an early age will set a foundation of responsible wealth management.


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