At the beginning of the year, the phrase, “stay safe” usually meant; “put on a mask”, “avoid contracting the coronavirus” or “don’t fall ill”. But since the introduction of violence into the nationwide #EndSARS protests, “stay safe” simply means, “do not get killed”. And this is not without good reason. Each one of us needs to remain safe.


You’ve probably come across gruesome pictures and videos of victims of violence and what comes to your mind is how to maintain safety while trying to get Nigeria to a better place! Below, are some simple tips to help maintain safety during the remaining hours of the current curfew;

  •  Remain Indoors

The government of Lagos have issued an extensive 72-hour curfew on residents of Lagos. In addition, a few other Nigerian states have done the same. As law-abiding citizens, it is our collective responsibility to obey a direct order such as this.

Avoid going out except when necessary. Part of the conditions of the curfew is the exemption of essential workers. Should your profession be an essential one, you’re automatically exempted from the restriction of movement. However, should your profession be a non-essential one, remain indoor. Of course, you can take a stroll, do some exercise, and shop essential items within your residence.

  • Check In On Friends & Loved-Ones

While remaining indoor, it is a good time to run a check-up on friends and family members. You can never go wrong doing this.
Also run a check-in on friends and family whom you recall were at the various protest grounds. Call them up, send them messages, and find out that they are safe and home as well.

  • Stay Updated On The News

Some traditional media, Twitter users, and reputable news websites have correct information on the current situation of things in the country. Stay updated on the latest news by following the conversation on these platforms. Avoid digesting fake or semi-fake news as this will do more harm to you than good.

Verify and cross-check every information you see online before accepting it as correct news. And more importantly, stay away from spreading fake news, or information you are not certain is true.

  • Continue Fighting For Your Rights Online

The original idea of the nation-wide protest was to fight for the rights of Nigerians. Twitter as well as other online platforms have created a digital space for users to lend their voices and you too can do the same. Take this time to continue the conversation online.

  • Offer Help To Neighbours Or Strangers In Need

Whether it’s a medical emergency or just a listening ear, don’t forget to be a brotherly neighbour and be there for your neighbours as well as strangers you may encounter during this period.

A patriotic Nigerian means one who is never afraid to help a person in need to the best of their abilities. Remember, the new Nigeria cannot be complete without you. So please remain safe as God blesses you and keeps you safe.


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