Ah, ice cream. Those delightful treats which send shivers down our spines…literally.

We all love ice creams (well, most of us anyway), and yes, some medical hazards occur as a result of taking too much ice cream.

Flavours. That’s one reason ice creams are a popular delight for many. It doesn’t matter your preference, there’s always an ice cream parlour selling your favourite flavour of ice cream.

Strawberries, vanilla, chocolate, coffee, mint, etc. are just a few of many countless flavours available in the market.

Truthfully, ice creams have not been popularly associated with benefiting human health and maybe it should.

Ice cream enhances immunity

Cytokines and lactoferrin are major agents fighting off the influenza virus and are actively present in ice creams.

In addition to this, the Calcium content present in ice creams help strengthen the bones. Ice creams also contain potassium which lowers blood pressure.

So yes, when next you have the flu,you may want to enjoy some ice cream.

It improves your mood

Ever noticed how light your mood seems to be while enjoying some ice cream? This is no coincidence. A research carried out by the Institute of Psychiatry in London in 2005 recorded that while eating vanilla ice cream, subjects’ pleasure center in their brains were activated.

In a simpler term, ice cream equals happiness.

Ice cream encourages weight loss

I know right? Wow. This benefit is easily the most shocking of all. How can ice creams we’ve always accused as the culprit for weight gain be the very thing to encourage weight loss?

Strange world. But fun fact, when you ingest something cold, your body tends to burn more calories.

Do the math and yes, if you’re on a weight loss plan, you might want to include some cups of ice cream.

Keep in mind that it is important to control ice cream intake; as you know, too much of everything is bad.

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